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Welcome to the Akron PeaceMakers website!

Billy Soule 2015 marks nine years the Akron PeaceMakers have been serving our community. This group of youth volunteers represents every public and parochial high school in Akron and many come from surrounding communities as well. The program is open to youth in grades 9 through 12 who want to make a real difference in our community

During a 16-hour orientation, they learn how city government works; then, how community organizations function while assisting those in need. Finally, these young people are facilitated on building good relationships with law enforcement and learn how the justice system and victim advocacy programs help those affected by crime.

Once educated on these topics, Akron PeaceMakers work with the Akron Police Department, Akron Public Schools and our community partners to make positive impacts on the lives of youth and the community at large. In 2014, the group gave back to the community with more than 5,000 volunteer hours.

Our recent You and the Law palm cards and booklets are examples of what youth can do to facilitate better relationships between the police and community. In 2015, the Akron PeaceMakers received the Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Exemplary Award from the American Society for Public Administration for their efforts

Because of this campaign, the PeaceMakers have received calls and requests from the Ohio Attorney General’s Office and many police and community organizations from across America; all, wanting to emulate what we have done here in Akron.

As the creator of this project, I am proud of the work our youth are doing to promote peace in our community. “It’s all about partnerships and saving lives.”

Billy Soule

Assistant to the Mayor for Community Relations
Director, Akron PeaceMakers


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