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There is an ongoing need for youth volunteers. Here are a few organizations who can direct you to a great volunteer experience:


Welcome to the Akron PeaceMakers website!

IMAGE: Mayor Plusquellic -- click for more info.As a father and grandfather, as well as Mayor, I know how important it is that our community nurture young people to ensure a brighter future for them and for Akron.

The Akron PeaceMakers is a program that does just that and in a way that promotes learning, leadership and civic responsibility.  If we are to set the foundation for a better tomorrow, we absolutely must begin with young people and with their knowing previous generations care about them.

I want nothing more than the utmost success for all of our citizens. Through PeaceMakers, high school students are learning more about how taking an active role in their community makes for a better outcome in their lives and for their families. It also establishes valuable ties for them through networking.

The City of Akron is immensely proud of those who have joined and learned from PeaceMakers; we encourage other young people to look into this enriching program.

Donald L. Plusquellic




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