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Member Reports: 2010 Teen Expo
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Member Reports:

Akron PeaceMakers 2010 Teen Expo

The Akron PeaceMakers celebrated their second Teen Expo on Thursday, August 19, at Lock 3 in downtown Akron.

The event was a huge success with more than 900 area youth coming together to get information on education, health and safety. There were games, other activities, food and entertainment.

The crowd enjoyed the rapping of Lil’ Stwie, the R&B crooning of Desi and of course the fantastic full-length concert of Karina Pasian.

"The Teens for Akron Team was in full effect!"

If you weren’t there, you missed the teen event of the year! Don’t miss it next year!

Here are some photos of our awesome event:

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(To see Karina’s performance at the Akron PeaceMakers 2010 Teen Expo, please click on a link below):


“First Love”

“Slow Motion”

“Can You Handle It?”!

“On The Road”

“90’s Baby”  

“The Love We Got”

“Shoot Me Down”



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