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PeaceMakers Activities & Events

  1. MLK Commemoration Celebration - Youth Keynote Address
  2. Sponsor - Valentine Day Card Workshop for Mobile Meals
  3. Sponsor - Teen and Money Workshops (Financial Literacy Education)
  4. Sponsor - “You & the Law” - Presentations in Middle and High Schools
  5. Attend Mayor’s State of the City
  6. Host International Guest Panels - Facilitation
  7. Sponsor - Global Youth Service Day Youth Volunteer Awards
  8. Memorial Day Take a Veteran to Breakfast (Pancake Breakfast)
  9. Youth Peace Walk and Veteran Appreciation Walk
  10. New PeaceMakers Orientations – July and August
  11. Sponsor - Annual Teen Expo - more than 10,000 teens attending. This year’s event will be held on July 30 at Lock 3, downtown
  12. Sponsor - Conflict Resolution Workshops
  13. Guardians Advocating Child Safety and Protection (GASP) Event - Volunteers
  14. Fugitive Safe Surrender Event- Volunteers
  15. Sponsored with United Way Volunteer Center – 1 Million Hour Challenge
  16. Co-sponsor - National Night Out - City-wide Anti-crime Event - 16 Sites
  17. Co-sponsor - Peace Week with Akron Peace Project
  18. Akron Marathon’s Kid Fun Run – Volunteers
  19. Sponsor - College Essay Writing Workshop – High School Juniors and Seniors
  20. Big Day of Serving - Youth Volunteers Cleaning up Akron
  21. Sponsor - Red Ribbon Week - in Akron Area High Schools
  22. Akron-Canton Regional Food Bank – Volunteers
  23. Sponsor - Hugs N’ Gloves – Winter Clothing Giveaway
  24. Victim Assistance Angel Tree Ceremony - Stand-in for Victim's Family
  25. Sponsor - Layaway Angel Program - Pay Layaway Balances for Needy Families
  26. City of Akron Holiday Baskets – Volunteers
  27. Host Mayor’s Holiday Art Reception for Elementary Students & Families

Akron PeaceMakers are also involved more than 20 other smaller events and activities through their schools, churches and other organizations. Youth dedicated to serving.

Bold events denotes an original Akron PeaceMakers initiative or activity

"Peace comes from being able to contribute the best that we have, and all that we are, toward creating a world that supports everyone. But, it is also securing the space for others to contribute the best that they have and all that they are."

Hafsat Abiola, Architects of Peace: Visions of Hope in Words and Images


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