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What are the PeaceMakers?

The PeaceMakers is an anti-crime/youth civic program designed to facilitate Akron’s youth about their government, community organizations and police. Participants will learn about Akron’s history, tour City facilities and get a behind-the scenes look at how city government works. The PeaceMakers also affords the opportunity to meet City officials and department heads one-on-one. The program is sponsored by the Mayor’s Office of Community Relations.

PeaceMakers Beginnings

In 2007, Mayor Don Plusquellic expressed a desire to do more with neighborhoods and youth. It was his plan to have a youth element within the community that he could reach out to, talk to, bounce ideas off of and take the pulse of young people in the city of Akron.

His thought was to develop a youth advisory council and asked Billy Soule to head up that initiative. Believing that young people, in order to advise the mayor, needed to have an understanding of how government works in the community; Mr. Soule created PeaceMakers. The project was developed to give young people an education on the process of government, public safety, civic responsibility, and community organizations. And, A VOICE!


PeaceMakers Mission Statement

To promote "peace in the city" (Akron) by educating youth through an ongoing comprehensive youth civic and anti-crime program; providing leadership skills and an understanding on how government, police and organizations work together to keep the community strong and safe; and, to provide our youth with the tools to help in this endeavor.


Our Partners:


"Goodyear enthusiastically supports the Akron PeaceMakers program. Goodyear believes by encouraging our young people to learn about and participate in our community's civic and safety organizations, we give them opportunities to become engaged in what makes our city work. Engagement leads to ownership which opens the doors for teens to become involved in activities that positively impact our city."

Faith S. Stewart
Director of Community Affairs
The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company


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